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LAndis tests positive


Do you think Floyd Landis knowingly used steroids?  

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yet hes still fighting it... i dont get it what can he possibly say. its obvious that he used steroids right before his HUGE COMEBACK. arent you guys pissed that the GREAT AMERICAN HERO floyd landis used steroids?

Well, thats the last well ever hear from cycling or the Tour De France.

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i know some people still believe him because they think its a big french scheme. its bs, he actually did it. the big french schemes were the ones against lance armstrong. This guy actually tested positive.

if it was a big french scheme wouldnt they have done the same thing to Lance Armstrong?

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Always amazing how these people always find something or someone else to blame for whats in their body. Im just shocked Landis didnt blame Miguel Tejada!

I think we should start a topic: If you were caught with high levels of testerone in your body, what excuse would you give to the public (since you know the public is a bunch of morons, and you are way smarter than they are)

Here is mine:

Well, my girlfriend is around me too much, and she makes me just too damn hot!

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I think he knew.....but he should have sticked to the stuff the others are using because they didnt get caught (yet).

cycling is one big dope show.....I hate Marilyn Manson but his song "the dope show" should be the theme-song for cycling.

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