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This is nuts...............


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For Overlay Change:

I am getting an error when trying to import the ingameov.fsh and pitchslc.fsh back into the Igonly.big. It is reading I/O error 998.

Here are the steps I did.

1. export the ingame and pitch fsh files to the desktop.

2. open the FshEd and imported my files I wanted to change into the pitchslc and ingameov fsh files.

3. Now I compressed both files using the gfx tool.

4. attempted to add the compressed ingame and pitch files back into the Igonly and got the error.

at that point I tried it the other way to add the uncompressed files to Igonly and still got the error.

So am I missing something here? This is a whole lot different than playing with the uniforms.................... Thanks :banghead:

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