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I would post this over at madden-mods, but since it's down i figured I'd post this here, and move it to madden-mods.com once it gets back up and running, (should there be any interest in this)

What I was thinking was this:

We start a game where each week you predict the outcome of every NFL game. Not scores, just winner and loser. You get 1 point for each correct answer, and 0 points for each non correct answer. The person who gets the most correct would receive 5 extra bonus points to his score. We'd start with week one (not including last nights game) and go all the way to the super bowl. Is anyone interested in doing something like this? I'd run it, and keep track of everyone's scores. All you have to do is post in here your picks for the upcoming week by 1:00pm Sunday. We'd pick sunday's games, monday's games, and thursday/saturday when there are some.

Also, if you guys wanted, we could include a prediction of the score of the monday night game, winner and loser, and the person closest to that score would also get 5 bonus points. Here's a preview of what I'm talking about (just incase someone doesn't understand)

Week 1:


Baltimore over Tampa Bay

Atlanta over Carolina

Denver over St. Louis

New England over Buffalo

Philadelphia over Houston

New Orleans over Cleveland

Seattle over Detroit

Tennessee over NY Jets

Cincinnati over Kansas City

Green Bay over Chicago

Dallas over Jacksonville

Arizona over San Francisco

Indianapolis over NY Giants

Minnesota over Washington

San Diego over Oakland

anyone interested in this?

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madden mods is up and working for me... also, this is actually a pretty popular game... its called fantasy pick'em... i've done it a copule years.... fun game.. you also pick the most points score by a team, and what team it will be... all kinds of cool random tie breakers...

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