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is there a datafile for this


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hey, i can easily beat the game on rookie but as soon as i turn the difficulty up a notch i cant even throw a strike, every ball is crushed by the cpu.

is there a datafile, or can somebody make one that has the cpu pitching difficulty of "pro" or "mvp" so i dont score 10 runs every game, but have the cpu's batting be normal and not score 4 runs every inning.

thanks, please help me out.

i want the game to be as simulation as possible, i wanna loose, but if i throw bad pitches or if the opposing team is that good.

thanks again

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your best bet .. I suppose if you like the rookie or pro setting is to adjust your sliders.... You say Your Offense is to much but the pitching is ok .. try adjusting your contact and power settings .. take em down 5 or even 10 every game and then you learn to find a happy medium...

I actually play on Allstar with all sliders at O

I use Total Minors 4 in conjuction with Rods Data 7 (and my own cams)

and I find that pitching is very challenging... but my game results are allways right on the money...

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