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Who here knows about codecs?


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Basically got a new PC. Long story short, my uncle and I reformatted my PC, thus erasing anything on it. Now, trying to get my "new" computer started, I have to go through all the basic sh*t; sound didn't work right away, the bottom bar disappeared for a while, internet finally started again (that's the reason we were forced to reboot in the first place, since nothing else made it happen).

Problem is, I pop in my memory stick, try to play the a video of mine, and it says that I need a codec for a .mpg file. Basically what this means is that I won't be able to play anything on the comp that is .mpg until I get this. And all my videos are .mpg. BTW, it's WMP11 beta if that matters.

Anyway, in the options, I have the box checked saying to download codecs automatically. Guess what; no codecs downloaded automatically.

The only other option I can think of is to load up the editing program that I made the files (ie, videos) with. Maybe that program forces the codecs onto the computer.

Thanks to whoever helps.

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WMP really at times is limited to what MS thinks you need to play certain files that they consider the average user will try to load.

you can download - XP codec pack it has almost every codec you should need. http://www.xpcodecpack.com/

also try VLC player it has almost every codec included in it. it's free and can play virtually every type of media file. google it.

i do a lot of media and video edits for the job i'm workng on right now. plus it's kind of a hobby so there you go.

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