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Found a website where you can simulate games using your computer from the greates teams of all time. I played 32 teams in a tournament-each team had to win a best 4 out of seven series against each opponent before advancing. Many great teams were represented-'27 ,'37,'53,'61,'78,'98 Yanks. '04 R.Sox, '29,'72 A's, '53 Giants, '45, '84 Tigers, '34,'67,46,82 Cards. 80 phillies. 85 Royals. '55,63 dodgers. '86 mets, 57,95 braves.'60,71 pirates. '01 dbacks. '05 white sox. '97 Marlins. '02 Angels.'70 orioles. '75 Reds. It came down to '27 Yanks and '72 A's-Ais led 3 games to 1-Yanks storm back-win game 7 behind Wait Hoyt and a homer from Gehrig to win 2-0. So according to whatifsports.com-'27 Yanks are the best.

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