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Total Classics 6 and Dynasty Mode


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When you go to the selection screen the teams are grouped according to "orginization." In other words in the original game it was the MLB team +the AAA team + the AA team, etc.

In total classics they had to put all the classics teams in the available slots-so they're grouped together down thru the divisions.

Find the group that includes the team you want and select it-then when you go to the main page up at the right top corner you'll see the logo for the CLS-1 team-just click the scroll bar on the side and you can toggle thru the teams in the orginization-whichever one you leave it on will determine what schedule, lineup, etc will show up on the main menu when you click it.

The only drawback is you can only get into the full playoff schedule with the teams that are in the CLS-1 slots-I like to play as the 55 Dodgers-but can't set up any playoff games because their not in the "MLB" slots. I wish someone would devise a program that would let you re-arrange the teams groupings according to how you would rank them.

(I imagine that would be rather complicated to do.)

I also think it would be cool-if they could arrange it so at the end of the season the top and bottom teams in each division would be promoted-relegated up or down like in the English Soccer leagues.

Anyway Hope this helps!

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