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Hory-Bonny-Bhogg 1987 MVP 2005 Project (update)


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Many thanks to Hory for salvaging what Bonny and I thought was a ton of lost work on the '87 project.

As of now, we have a playable Major League Roster set including the 1987 schedule.

I've simmed some seasons and the stats come out fine. . . very much like 1987.

The next step is to set up the minors as accuratel as we can.

Once we finish with that, we'll turn it over to the artists of mvpmods. . . . you guys can take it and give it all the bells, whistles, photopacks, facepacks, etc that you wish.

If anyone wants the file we have thus far, just let me know.

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I don't know why we can't add names like that.

They won't be any good, but you can change that once you get the rosters.

Our plan for the minors is to make two kinds of minor leaguers: 1) Actual prospects from 87 (and maybe as late as 89) and 2) generic names with absolutely no talent.

We'll be taking all "current" players except for Shane Reynolds off the game. According to Hory, Reynolds is necesary for the homerun and pitching games.

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