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Help with uni editor?


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I am trying to "promote" the 55 Dodgers to the "Majors" so I can have playoffs with them.

So far, I have "swapped" positions with the 77 Dodgers using MVPEDIT and also the logos with the Logo exchange tool.

The 55 team shows up in the Major League position fine and most of the Logos show Brooklyn, although the menu still calls them the 77 dodgers and so do the announcers. (I can live with that.)

I can't seem to figure out how to switch the uni's though.

I'm using Fuzz's uni editor-

When I click on the 77 Dodgers and "encode" the team- 7 uni's show up of which 3 are the Brooklyn uni's I want to use.

I select the Brooklyn uni's and press the "lightning bolt" key and the program says it has exported them to the game.

However when I play the game they always come up with the LA uni's.

What am I doing wrong?

Is there a easier way to just "swap" uniforms between the 77 and 55

Dodger teams? :question:

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I''ll NEVER go back to the original. OK-I changed all the 77 LA Dodgers to the 55 Brooklyn Dodgers. The only one I can't find is the one in the League Standing screen (in Dynasty)

It still says '77 Dodgers-but I can't find another '77 dodgers listed in either

LOC file?

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Re; Unieditor:

I'm trying to move the 1986 Redsox uni's to the 1975 Red Sox.

I encode the 86 team and left-click on the uniforms i want.

Then I go to the 1975 team and encode it. I press the + key to add a uniform in a blank space.

I navigate to the uniform folder and find the saved 1986 uniform

I click on the BMP and the 2 uxxxa.fsh and fxxxy.fsh

then I hit the + key to add the uni-it starts to load-gets 1/2 halfway-and the program crashes.

What am I doing wrong?

Help! :headache:

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