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Dinasty Payroll


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it's very simple to edit your budget.

open the org.dat file and look for your team's 3 letter name ie: ANA/LAA or OAK or BOS or what have you. each row except the top most row is for a separate team.

the top most row is the legend. it has a series of numbers followed by other strings of data.

0 unique_team,1 org_team_mlb,2 org_team_aaa,3 org_team_aa,4 org_team_a,5 org_is_franchise,6 org_spring,7 org_budget,8 org_penalty1,9 org_penalty2,10 org_penalty3,11 org_penalty4,12 org_mlb_manager,13 org_minors_manager,;

that right there is the top most line. each number tells u which section of the team line (below) carries the data string for what purpose. as you can see, next to string 7 in the legend is "org_budget" where org_budget.

00b87d5f5,0 LAA,1 193451509,2 5862724,3 193451651,4 5862682,5 1,6 0,7 1180,8 0,9 0,10 0,11 0,12 -1274057147,13 2110249517,;

this line is a team line. as you can tell from the LAA this is for the angels. if you look for the 7, you will see it is followed by the number 1180. the team budget is 118 million. every pair of strings between a set of commas is for one variable.

to change your team's budget, simply fine your team name abbreviation ie: LAA, and then look for the ,7 xxxx, and change the number to however many million you want.

pm me if you have any questions.

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