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The Marines....


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My pastor's son is in the Marines, and has been for 3+ years now. He's been in Iraq for I don't kn ow how long, and has been over there for quite some time. Recently he informed them that he will not be re-inlisting once his time is up in may or june. Since he informed them of his intentions, the following has happened:

1) They took away his rifle, and since he didn't have his rifle he was unable to go out on maneuvers. Since he was unable to go out on maneuvers, they told him he had to sit in the barracks, that he wasn't allowed to leave, and wasn't allowed to sleep either. He just had to sit.

2) He has built up some days he can use to come home and visit his family. They are now not allowing him to use those either. He had planned to come home for Thanksgiving, but the Marines refused to allow him to do so.

3) They have refused to give him another job to perform.

4) They told him that he would be able to transfer to another camp, and help teach martial arts. So him and another guy who is also not re-inlisting, and is done in may or june were told they had to go to a meeting with a guy who was going to talk to them about getting into martial arts. Once they arrived at their destination for the meeting, they had to wait for 30 minutes, and then once they were allowed in, the guy didn't talk to them about martial arts, he gave them instead a big speech as to why they should re-inlist.

It's just kind of odd that all of these things started happening once he told them he wasn't going to re-inlist. He had not been having this type of trouble with the Marines until he told them about his decision. I personally find this type of behavior towards him absolutely despicable. He's been in the Marines for 3+ years and risking his life for them and doing everything he has been told, and now is being treated so poorly. It's just ridiculous


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