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New Video capture software


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I have not tried this out yet, just passing the info along:

Taksi Open Source Alternative to Fraps

Fraps is a application that lets you capture videos / screens of 3D applications and is mostly used for recording in game movies. The biggest drawback of Fraps is that it is not freeware, you have to purchase it to use all of its features. Taksi steps in and provides a similar functionality with the advantage that it is Open Source, free for everyone to use and download.

The unregistered version of Fraps stops after 30 seconds of recording and adds a Fraps watermark automatically to the captured video. It does not make lots of sense to use this version but for testing purposes. Taksi on the other hand has no such limitations making it an ideal capturing application for everyone who does not want to buy Fraps.

Taksi is able to use installed video codecs to compress the recorded video on the fly which makes it possible to record very long sequences. The biggest drawback is that Taksi will not record audio as well, you need to find a different way to record the audio. (should work with harddisk ogg for example, not tested though). There are no limitations but the space on your hard disk for recording videos.

I hope the Taksi team decides to integrate audio recording to their application, this seems to be the only thing that is missing to make it a great alternative to Fraps.


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Edam, do you always manage to insult everything and anything that comes your way and doesn't satisfy your exact needs?

anyway, FRAPS does stutter slowly, so I was wondering if although it might stutter, is it better than FRAPS?

How is reporting how bad that software is so people don't have to bother with it insulting?

Buzz off and welcome to my ignore list. I suggest that you do the same.

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