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Baseball Simulation League


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I'd like to say first and foremost, everything done in this league is through a video game. It's entirely fictional. I'm looking for dedicated baseball fanatics to help get our baseball simulation league off the ground.

The Upper Deck Baseball League is a baseball simulation league, where you take control of a baseball franchise and take over the General Manager tasks of the organization. You draft your team (real MLB players), re-sign players, draft new rookies, and watch your best players go through retirement year after year as you try and win the World Series.

Using our video game baseball simulator, we simulate the results of one days worth of games every day. You set your lineup and strategies, and the video game creates realistic results based on your player ratings and your strategies. Here is an example of a simulated result from another league, as you notice it comes with a complete game log of pitch by pitch action.

For example, on Monday we simulate April 1st (opening day) of the regular season. You log in at night to find your team won 5-3, and Manny Ramirez hit a walk off three run homerun. You also find out SP Josh Beckett is now out for four weeks with an injury. You can log in that night, take Josh Beckett and put him on the DL, and then on Tuesday we simulate April 2nd of the season, and your team wins its second game in a row.

In the off-season, you will need to re-sign your expired contracts, sign free agents who left other teams, draft new rookies, and watch your favorite players retire due to old age.

The league has twenty four teams (real MLB teams) and will do a 15 round fantasy draft to start the league. You get to pick what direction you want your team to go in, so if you want young starters go for young starters.

We will get approximately two baseball seasons in every year, as this puts you in the role of baseball "GM". I know I left a lot unexplained, but if you'd like more information just email me at cooperstowndream@yahoo.com and I will gladly answer any and all questions that you may have. Trust me, it's a lot of fun, and if you have as little as 10 minutes of free internet time every day you can keep up and do this league, and have a blast.

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