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cyberfaces for all-time fictional team needed


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Is there any way to view the game's cyberfaces. I read somewhere that there are nearly 500 cyberfaces in the game.

I'm building a team based on characters from my favorite baseball movies, novels, etc. If you can recognize all of these, you're a true baseball nut.

All-Time Fictional Players Team Nominees


Rick Vaughn Bingo Long

Nuke LaLoosh Eddie Harris

Chet Steadman Billy Chapel

Sidd Finch King Kelly

Henry Wiggin John Rhoades

Damon Rutherford


Crash Davis Jake Taylor

Bruce Pearson Leon Carter

Luke Gofannon

Middle Infielders

Louis Keystone Steve Nebraska

Gabby Laslow Allie Stalls

Dennis Ryan

Corner Infielders

Jack Parkman John Baal

Roger Dorn Duke Temple

Lou Collins Jack Elliot


Roy Hobbs Willie Mays Hayes

Roland Agni Joe Hardy

Pedro Cerrano Bobby Raybourn

The Whammer


Pop Fisher Lou Brown

Jimmy Dugan Joe Riggins

Dutch Schnell Red Blow

Larry Hockett Ulysses P. Fairsmith

Bat Boys

Bobby Savoy



Harry Doyle

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