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There is a new baseball sim league forming. It literally just started, and every team is available except for the Reds as of right now.

here is the link http://z8.invisionfree.com/Baseball_Sim_06/index.php?

it should be fun, feel free to sign up and get started.

it's run using Baseball Mogul 2006 (which is free) and will start with the opening day rosters as of the 2006 season. kinda sucks to have outdated rosters by a little bit, but there aren't any updated rosters that I can find.

yes, I did get permission from Y4L and Trues both before I advertised for this.

league should be fun, and the more people that join up, the quicker it can get started. it's a fun way to keep interest up in baseball during the offseason. it doesn't take a lot of time to participate in it, hopefully the league can be filled quickly. thanks guys!

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