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LeVeRRe's Blue Jays Cyberfaces Released!


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Hey everyone,

I have completed my Blue Jays cyberfaces and am uploading it as a write this. It should hopefully be available tonight or tomorrow. I hope you enjoy them. The following players have either been added or editted;

Miguel Batista - updated to reflect his goatee and sideburns

Dave Berg - created

David Bush - created

Kevin Cash - created

Vinnie Chulk - created

Jason Frasor - created

Roy Halladay - editted to reflect his real-life hair and beard colour

Pat Hentgen - created

Aaron Hill - created

Orlando Hudson - created

Makiel Jova - created

Jason Kershner - created

Kerry Ligtenberg - created

Dustin McGowan - created

Justin Miller - created

Adam Peterson - created

Josh Phelps - editted to reflect his goatee

Simon Pond - created (not the best)

Guillermo Quiroz - created

Dominic Rich - created

Alexis Rios - created

Francisco Rosario - created

Justin Speier - created

Terry Adams - created

Josh Towers - created

Vernon Wells - editted to reflect his facial hair

Tim Whittaker - created

Chris Woodward - created

I may be releasing a future update to these faces if I get around to improving them or making others, but for now this is it so enjoy. I will not be making any cyberfaces for other teams etc, as I don't have the interest to make it worth my while and as a result they wouldn't be up to the quality I've come to expect from myself.

Cheers, LeVeRRe

let me know what you think or if any re-touches or tweaks need to be addressed.

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I just re-uploaded a new Dave Berg as I was not happy with my previous attempt at him. This one looks a lot less like a mutant and more like Berg. Enjoy.

As for skin tones, they are based off of actual pictures of the guys, I didn't assign skintones per say. As for like Quiroz for example check the readme it has a suggest skin tone change to make it fit better. Hope that helps.

As for the slots, I mentioned them in another cyberface post, I believe it was in one of Rolies. Can't remember which one.

Cheers, LeVeRRe

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