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Trade Deadline


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because you don't understand the difference between the trade deadline and the waiver wire.

after July 31, players can still be traded but first they must be placed on waivers. If no one puts in a claim for that player then he can be traded to anyone.

Let's say that Randy Johnson was put on the waiver wire because the Yankees and Dbacks wanted to trade. If the Red Sox put in a claim for Johnson then the Red Sox would block the trade to the Yankees. If the Dbacks wanted to, they could make the Red Sox take him and his contract no matter what. If no one put in a claim for Johnson then he could be traded to the Yankees.

Now do you understand? That is pretty much how it works and the "Trade Deadline" is July 31st.

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That is ******* retarded.

Why does baseball have to make things so complicated?

Hockey has the deadline. No more trades. If a player is placed on waivers, another team can claim him and the team who placed the player on waivers gets nothing in return. Now thats simple

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