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Problem-Combining 2 Files? -- HELP! Rolies and Chukjs files


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Okay, I was using the file created by rolie which included [b]Pitcher Cam POV/RodData7 datafile/Kam fisheye batting view/Boricua's modified fielding views+animation tweaks/new icons and meters

and its great, the only problem I had was that when using it i was hitting way too god because of the "meatball" pitches (the dots that appear on missed pitches) so then i downloaded Chukj's camera mod to put his file that gets rid of the missed pitch dots so that it would be harder to hit. well now my game is running really choppy because the PIP window is in and it really annoys me. is there any way or does anyone know how to get from the file link posted above to have the igcrsr.fsh file from Rolies download and get rid of the missed pitch dots?

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