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Can't watch MLB.TV under Vista


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Hi folks,

I installed Vista 64-bit lately (stupid me). Anyway, one of the first thing I tried was to access mlb.tv (leaving in Germany, that’s the only way to watch baseball) via IE 7 (32-bit, with 64-bit the Media Player wouldn’t open at all) and stream one of their archived games. I could log in, but the Media Player 11 stated, that there would be an issue with the .jsp-file and refused to play the stream.

The scoreboard appeared on the right side, but I couldn’t jump to the innings by clicking on them. Funny thing is, the condensed games and the Highlight reel work just fine.

Here’s what I tried so far:

• Install JAVA 5 Build 11 -> nothing changed

• Tried to install Real Player -> Real Player won’t work…

• Installed the latest Flash Player -> no change

• Installed MLB MOSAIC -> could not install it

Does anybody of you guys have mlb.tv and vista (32-bit or 64-bit) and experienced the same problem?

Thanks in advance!!!

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