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1961 redo


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This is my second time through the '61 season using the Yankees as my team. I usually play pro;this time I decided to play mvp. With a few slider tweaks for all aspects of the game and some hot/cold zone and caps changes my season is very realistic. At the half way point Mantle has 32 homers, Maris 30. Their averages are are very close to their actual averages for that year. Maris .263, Mantle .300. They are 57-24 and lead Baltimore by 4.5 games. In the real '61 they were 53-28 at this stage-pretty close. It's been fun.

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Another go at *61 ! That is fantastic. Please keep us up todate on how it finishes out.

I would also be very interested in the sliders you are using as well as those hot/cold zone and cap's adjustments you made.

We are upgrading *61 to incorporate some of the things we learnt during the building of TC67 and your insight / results would be very beneficial to us especially since we are well into the building of TC64.



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