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quick questions before i embark...


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I'll be working on an Atlanta Braves dynasty beginning @ the 2005 season.

Why not use the calender utility to change it?

Well, I love to have complete and utter control over every aspect of my franchise (I'm a bit of a micromanager, to say the least) and it helps me figure out 162 games later (hopefully more, but it's early yet) who'll be coming back for another few years to help out the team.

That being said, it takes a good long time to play an entire season of MLB ball, there's no possible way I'll be able to play my other leagues - I don't manage them, they get simmed.

The only information that'll be posted here will be:

- promotions/demotions

- trades

- lineups

- injuries

- and, hopefully, since I'm also a bit of a videophile, some highlight reels which will be located / linked from here to youTube and my storage on fileFront. That might occur every game-month .. or whenever I get a break.

In short, I'm a last-semester college student from PA who grew up on TBS and "Atlanta Braves baseball."

At the moment, I'm using UR 8.1 Standard.

I previously installed the Full version along with all of the models and the 2x stuff, but my game was stuttering worse than an alcoholic ADD sufferer, so I re-installed and d.loaded Standard.

Now, my main problem lies with Bob Wickman. I'm not sure if there's a fix for him at all (I've read that others have been having problems with him, but I digress) - whenever I attempt to edit him, crash. Whenever the camera pans to him in the bullpen, crash. If he tries to come into the game, crash. It seems like a model issue, but since I didn't edit anything, I'm not sure in the least.

Now, as any baseball fan or former player can tell you, we all have man-crushes on certain players. Mine happens to lie with Rafael Furcal (and, to a certain extent, Adam LaRoche). Obviously these trades will be made, along with a multitude of others.

Anything else you'd like to toss out there, please do - I've been a longtime lurker / downloader here @ MVPmods, so please help a brother out.

Thanks in advance,

- StiltS

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