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bleeding blue a dodger dynasty


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today the dodgers gm has retired and decided to hand his job over to a young business man Chris Nemergut

( Chris comes on stage)

ok i can answer five question so shoot em

reporter- how are u hoping the bring the Dodgers back to glory

Chris- well im going to try to get my outfield young and give Andy Laroche some playing time off the bench this season. NEXT

reporter- do you feel you have to make any trades before the season starts

Chris- not at the beginning maybe in the 2nd month depending on how this perticular player is playing NEXT

Reporter- where do you feel the dodgers can place this season

Chris- first place heck i think they can go all the way

enough questions

(chris leaves)

here is what i will use

KGBaseballs rosters for the ps2


budgets on

there will be no pictures but i will post box scores recap of the game and story lines

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