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Trues - Wrigley Field 2.0


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Great job on Wrigley, my all time favorite stadium. But,,,,,looks like the lights aren't on in the night version. Is that a glitch?

Not a criticism, just a question.

Thanks for all your great work.

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Nobody was supposed to know :)

Honestly, I just took the lazy road on this. The day and night versions are quite a bit different for some reason and I didn't feel like re-doing all the work in OEdit so I just copied the day version, changed the sky and made some lighting adjustments. That's why the lights look like that.

There, I feel much better :)

I decided that a "work around" night version was better than nothing. I may re-visit this but I will most likely just wait until the new game next year.

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:D hell yeah. Sir, you cannot let a 10 ++ top Stadium work go down unfinished. Your work is simply amazing and it a must to be finished. To much good time on OEDIT to let it go sir. ;)

Now Batting for the Chicago Cubs..... TruesSsssss

( crowd chants ) Trues!! Trues!! Trues!! Trues!! Trues!! ;)

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