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At my wits end with the stuttering...


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To all the tekkies that are smarter than I,

Here are my system specs:

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3400 (2.4 GHz)

Memory: 1Mb DDR

Video Card: ATI Radeon Xpress 200 (128 Mb)

What I've done:

Installed Kccitystar's 1X uni's pack

Re-installed the default stadiums

Changed the override to 60

Set all video options on low

Still stuttering. I believe I have all the horses to run the game but am not sure if there are some tricks out there to help.

Thanks in advance....

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Well for me the idea would be to get the game to run without any add ons or mods installed.

You should have enough machine to run the game........I would start by defraging the hard drive and install a clean copy of the game.

Make sure you have all patches needed to run the game installed.

In your graphics card control panel make sure you have vertical sync set to application controlled.

This setting will allow you to turn on vertical sync in the game. Its always better this way so that will allow you to run any game you chose by setting this within the game itself.

Some game run better with it off....Mvp needs it turned on.

Then start the game and in the options menu set the graphics to a simple 1024x768 and then fire it up and see what happens.

All the mods are going to do is add to the strain so we need to get the game to fun fine first.

Then after we get the game to run at default with no stuttering then add the mods one at a time.....this way you will know what installed mod is creating your problem.

This is where I would start

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