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MLB Fantasy Baseball team (2007 Open)


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Ok, so I have had my MLB Fantasy Baseball draft - what is the consensus about this drafted team? My first thought is that they look great, but open to suggestions.


Round Player

1 Bobby Abreu (OF, NYY)

2 Manny Ramirez (OF, BOS)

3 Justin Morneau (1B, MIN)

4 Thomas Collaro (OF, CWS)

5 Chone Figgins (3B, OF, LAA)

6 Boston Red Sox (P, BOS)

7 Mike Piazza (C, OAK)

8 Felipe Lopez (SS, WSH)

9 Tadahito Iguchi (2B, CWS)

10 Cleveland Indians (P, CLE)

11 Johnny Estrada (C, MIL)

12 David Eckstein (SS, STL)

13 Ryan Patterson (OF, TOR)

14 Bubba Bell (OF, BOS)

15 Shea Hillenbrand (1B, 3B, LAA)

I'm somewhat delighted with the Pitching picks and with Manny. Im thinking of dropping Collaro, Patterson and Bell for some outfield talent (Bonds, Alou and Rios are available if I can get them)

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