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Infield gloves


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About 15 seconds of looking around found it....


If I recall correctly, you have to change something in the batch file for it to install correctly.....

You need to change the following line:

copy fglv.fsh models/texturesfglv.fsh

So that it looks like this:

copy fglv.fsh modelstexturesfglv.fsh

(Change the first forward slash to a back-slash.)

Then it will work.

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how the hell do i do that spitoon??? i really dont know how to do that...sorry


Download the file.

Move it into your main MVP 2004 folder, the one with the MVP2004.exe.

Unzip it into that folder (NOT into a folder in that folder).

Right click the glove1.bat (or whatever it's called, I can't remember), and select Edit.

Find the line that says: copy fglv.fsh models/texturesfglv.fsh and change it to copy fglv.fsh models exturesfglv.fsh

Click on File and choose Save.

Click on the Red X to close that box.

Double click on the batch file.

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