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how to import mucsi into the game???


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The Ditty Importer converts a MP3, Wav, or AIFF file into a Window Media Video/Audio file. So you need to select the song or sound clip you want to import (remember, either MP3, Wav, or AIFF). Then the Ditty Importer will create the Windows Media Video/Audio file. Now that you have this new file on your computer, you need to rename it, either "menu1, menu2, menu3, menu4....menu8." There are eight tracks in MVP, so by adding a new track, you will be overriting another. Then after choosing and renaming you new file, copy and paste it into the C:Program FilesEa SportsMVP Baseball 2004dataaudiocdmusic folder. Then say, Yes to overriting the files and then your new sound file is in the game.

I Hope this Helps!

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