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All star players duplicated in FA pool...


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Anyone else have this problem, and know any way to fix it?

Importing/deleting the FA pool doesn't touch them.

I have determined that these phantom fa's are contained within the rosters of individual teams somehow - when I exported Baltimore, and imported the team into a different file, Javy Lopez and Melvin Mora showed up in the FA pool.

I even tried deleting lopez and mora from the orioles, exporting them, and importing them into a different file - they still show up in the file. I looked at the .met exported team file, it had no mention of lopez or mora in them after i deleted them - but importing this team into a working file still dumps them into the fa list.

this really acts like a virus...

re-importing a 'clean' roster into the infected roster set doesn't correct it, they are still in the fa's...

i'm getting ready to give up and just start my franchise with them in the fa pool

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Guest Mindwarped

Javy Lopez and Melvin Mora player IDs (not photo/audio) are still listed in the rosters.dat file and are only linked to the allstar team. any player listed in the dat files not also linked to a real team are put in the FA pool.

Try deleting them from the allstar team then do your exporting/importing, but you will still have to manually edit rosters.dat with notepad to fix the allstar teams or the game will crash

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I deleted the entire allstar teams in hexoworkshop, and the fa's are still there - I copied in last years all star teams, and fa's from this year's all star team are still in the fa list.

That makes sense what you said about how they got duplicated, but deleting the all stars doesn't make them go away unfortunately. Is there any way to find their id's in the roster.dat file? What is a playerid anyway - is it like 0000000,18 is the last id of the AL all stars roster?

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