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Turn 2 Productions and Face Updates


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Couple of questions fellas. What happened to T2P website? I know they had some good face updates there. Im looking for Rivera, Vasquez, etc.

Also, I tried downloading the Johan Santana face update through one of the face packs, but it didn't change his face in the game. Did I miss a step? I installed it and everything so I think maybe there was another step I needed to hit.

Is there any good site that has a better listing of some of the face downloads available? I want to get a bunch of guys, and I think a bunch have been made, but I can't seem to find them in the downloads section.

And last but not least, has anyone made a good A-Rod face update?

Thanks for all the hard work you guys do making this game so enjoyable!

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As far as T2P.. I am guessing that his site must be down.

As far as Santana... you may need to change the face number. If you are not seeing his face ingame, the roster you are using probably does not have his face number correct. You can do this in MVP Edit & then export the change into your roster. (assuming you are familiar with the program) Otherwise, you can manually go in to the attrib.dat file, (which can be opened via notepad or wordpad) & manually edit the face number (provided you know how to do that).

This site has a section for downloads of faces & you can sort out different ways to find the particular faces you are looking for.

I am not sure what you consider a good A-Rod face, but why not check out what's out there & make your own decision as to what you like.

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