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CSable's Miscellaneous Portraits Pack


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Just uploaded version 2.0 of this pack, which should be up later today.

Version 2.0 contains the following changes:

- Added a red collar to Galarraga (admittedly, this was an oversight on my part as I photoshopped the Angels hat onto an older picture of him but forgot to change the color of his collar to match the hat)

- Replaced the old Borders portrait with a new, clearer portrait

- Replaced old fsh files for Rodriguez, Smit, and Rogers with new fsh files that match the player IDs found in the TotalMinors roster set (this was another oversight on my part as I simply forgot to pack the fsh files to be consistent with the IDs used in TM)

- Touched up Owens portrait (nothing major)


I really like how these portraits turned out and think these are well worth the time it takes to download and install them.

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