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How do I make the XBOX controller work for PC?


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Can someone Please explain it to me like I am a two year old.....

Step by step....

I know that this is the MVP Baseball forum But the real reason is because I want to use my Xbox controller to play Madden PC....




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where and how much are these adapters found?

They are probably found whereever people lose them. Such as in one's closet. Perhaps the dishwasher, or maybe under the bed, even inside one's stuffed animals. Check these places thoroughly, especially the stuffed animals.

Truth be told, they are actually found quite often. (as long as people peek in their closets & dishwashers quite often. I gotta tell ya, sometimes when I am in the mood, I may even go to a neighbor, so I can look in their dishwasher too. For some reason though, & I can't figure out why, when I look in their closets they throw me out of their house & tell me to never come back again. I also think they need to visit the hospital for some defective finger problem. The reason I state this is... They then do a strange gesture, which has to do with a forearm crossing on top of their other forearm & I think there must be something wrong with their middle finger, since it seems to magically rise straight upward while all the other fingers remain closed in a fistlike gesture. Maybe I should try to show them that they have a problem without embarrassing them by duplicating this strange gesture & by letting them see it, in order that they may realize what they are doing & thus they may inquire about getting the help they need in fixing this strange problem)

Seriously... I would think a computer or gaming store would sell this. I imagine it should not be more than 10 dollars but I can't say for sure how much.

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