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Cubs Cyber faces


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Hey Id like to finish some of the work that was started by a Bartw. Namely cyber faces for zambrano, farnsworth, barrett, hawkins, ext.

I can handle all of the mapping in oedit just fine but dont have much in the way of photoshop skills. Anyone interested in finishing the bmp files up that bartw was working on? Mainline I think they are missing hair.

let me know


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as for being a cubs fan....... All I can say is you have my sympathy

I actually am a huge cardinals fan so Its hard to explain my sick fasciantion with the cubs. I guess I just love wrigley field hence my cubs dynasty.

ANyways I was messing around with prior and got him to look pretty good, but still need help doing the hair on the fsh files bartw started. Until we find somebody to do that then its no cyber faces cause im not sure how to make them from scratch :|

ANY help would be appreciated

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