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ORDTools and the Eyes in OEdit


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I recently came across this site and discovered the possibilities of modding.

I'm interested in modding and creating cyberfaces, so I get all the necessary tools and begin by updating some face textures.

Now I'm trying to model faces with OEdit.

I convert the .ord and .orl files with ord2o and open the .o file.

The eyes are strecthed out of place and impossible to work with.

So I use the ord2o for MVP 2003 to convert the .o file.

When I try to open it, OEdit gives me an error message: file contains unsupported sections.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I have used both the normal ord2o and the mvp specific ord2o. When I convert with the normal ord2o, the files open but the eyes are messed up. When I use the mvp specific ord2o, the .o file will not open in oedit because of unsupported sections.

The real problem is with the eyes being distorted. Why does this happen? Does ord2o create bad conversions because of problems with mvp 2004?

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