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'Violating' system requirements


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Here's the little secret I've discovered about graphics card requirements for PC video games: "THE GAME COMPANIES ARE LYING TO YOU!" They say that you need a high-end video card, but they fool you into thinking that your more basic or slightly older video card will not be good enough for the game. But here's why I discovered they're false.

My brother has an old Windows XP machine from 2001, and it has an Nvidia RIVA TNT2 Model 64 video card. This card is the very first gaming card Nvidia made, and it is the predecessor to the GeForce cards. The only MVP that this card will work on is MVP 03. But EA specifically says that this card will not work with MVP 04. So, I decided to test to see if this was true. I got this great program called 3D-Analyze, a software which basically uses all your system resources to emulate certain hardware features which your card does not physically have. Anyways, I tried launching MVP 04 with 3d-Analyze, and I changed the ID settings within the program to trick the computer into thinking my graphics card was a GeForce Ti 4600 card! And, the game worked! It couldn't work without 3d-Analyze, but when I used this program, MVP 04 worked smoothly!

If anyone else has experience with this program, please post. Or, if you've discovered any other workarounds to playing games on older computers, post that too.

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