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Steam Install Error


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ok, after my pc got the virus removed, all of the programs i had installed got uninstalled, so i downloaded the steam install (yes, its legal) and it pops up with a message saying "error 1324. The folder path 'my documents' contains an invalid character". this is really irritating, and i dont remember my password for the account, so i cant login the website to see if somebody can help me on their website. if you can help, thank you very much.

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thats the only one ive had trouble with, ive installed mvp, spore, avg (anti-virus), itunes, and more. no problem with the others.

Hmm.. I just throwing things out here. Don't use steam myself. You might have partial files left over from the previous steam installation due to the virus. Probably got leftover Registry entries. Check this thread and see if you have that file anywhere.


*Just ran keyword searches of "Invalid Path" over there. Might put you on the right track,

Also, see: Un-installing Steam: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article...=9609-OBMP-2526

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