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Classic rosters request.


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First off, lose most of the yankees teams. Never have been nor will i ever be a yankees fan. Definately keep the reds teams. Every time i get a new baseball game the first thing i do is dismantle the yankees sending the players to good teams, anyway enough with my pesonal preferances. How about adding possibly the 89 cubs, Mark grace, Ryan Sandberg, Andre Dawson. I'd like to see the Mcguire, Canseco A's, and the Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonilla Pirates. And how about an Atlanta Braves team and a 90's Cleveland Indians team. Yes I'm a little 1980's & up biased but hay that's the era i grew up in. I've wound up taking the best of the best of the classic rosters and other famous players not included and made an ultumate free agent list. The dynasty mode i'm working on right now is from a draft so all the teams had a chance at those players. So far it's working out pretty good. By the way does anyone know where i can find stats on more famous players. i use the lahman database on mvp edit but i need to fill in the appearances of those players.

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