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At&t Park Ads


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Just a quick update of the AT&T Park ads trying to figure out how the texture modding works. Scoreboard and coke bottle are both pretty accurate, and some of the ad signs are. I think all the ad signs are advertisers that have bought ads in the park at this point, plus a couple ads from the Giants "Gamer" and "Your SF Giants" ad campaigns from last year.

I'm not sure there's much more that can be done with the tools currently available. I need to clean up a couple of the ads that are overlapping each other, finish the rotating ads behind the plate, and see what I can do about the retired numbers down the left field line, but other than that I think we're going to need 3d modelling tools before we can fix the stuff that really annoys me. Did they seriously have to put ads on the brick wall where the splash landing logo should be?




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