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Realistic Hr Derby

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I don't know how many people would be interested in this. I did it for myself, but I figured I'd share it with anyone who wants a realistic HR Derby. I edited all the playes in the Top 50 hitters list for HR Derby. I adjusted their power with a simple equation so they don't hit 480+ ft. HRs all the time plus they put up realistic amounts of HRs for a 10 out round, yet they maintain their individuality. So, if you're interested, I've attached the roster file to this post. It really does make the HR Derby a lot of fun and worth playing.

Zone hitting makes the human controlled player hit unrealistically. I use the Classic hitting method without batters eye or zone hitting.

Difficulty Levels

Rookie - You can't lose

Pro - Challenging

All Star- Very challenging

Legend - You can't win


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