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Possible Cleats Texture For Mlb 2k9


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If mlb 2k9s texture is the same as nba 2k9s

then i could probably be able to patch the shoes my first attempt:


***This is just a rush preview so dont critize my work, i did it in 5 min.

im currently a shoe patcher for nba 2k9 and you can check out my work :


so im not really new to patching with texmod & iff editor

but im new to this form

im asking if anyone has a shoe texture for mlb2k9

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I notice in mlb 2k9 that players on the same team have diffrent shoe types. Some have markings and some dont, some darker and some lighter. I was wondering if that means if modded some can wear nike, some wear reebok?? Just curious would give a nice feel to it instead of same team all same shoe.

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