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Rockies Black Uni w/blacksleeves


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File Name: Rockies Black Uni w/blacksleeves

File Submitter: timwolf7

File Submitted: 11 Mar 2009

File Updated: 12 Mar 2009

File Category: MLB 2K9 - Uniforms and Accessories

This is the Colorado Rockies black uniform with black sleeves. I will add the stitching once I get a good pattern down for it.

Update: The game added the stitching automatically to the black sleeves.

To install:

1. back up uniform_cor_cob found in your Major League Baseball 2k9 folder

2. extract the uniform_cor_cob file found in the zip file to your Major League baseball 2k9 folder

3. overwrite the old uniform file

Click here to download this file

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