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Mid 90s Brewers Uni


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I'm not actually a big Brewers fan, and I've kinda lost track of them since they left the AL, but I miss their old mid-90s uniforms and I think 2K missed the boat by including two variations on their earlier, pin-striped uniform. I've got a small start on my own version, but it's got some issues, primarily in the lighting department. I've gotten where I am by mixing and matching parts from the current day and retro uni and pasting in new logos, but for right now the uniform is a freaky glow-in-the-dark bright white, with only the back of the jersey exhibiting any form of shadowing (and those shadows being very deep and dark at all times). I've not modded MLB 2K9 before, but I used to do a couple things here and there for NBA 2K9 and the Live series. I'd like to do a mid-90s roster but many of the era uniforms are missing, and this is where I've started. If someone can either fix my mistakes, tell me how to fix them, or make this uniform, I'd be grateful. I'm hosting my files in progress HERE in case they'll help.


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