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mvp studio error


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hello Just want to say that i'm very very new to to this game So if this has been discussed before well you have my apologies

i;m having troble running this programe all i want to do is add some oldtime teams that i have downloaded from this sight...

when i run the creat a team 25 from studio final 3.0 i get an error "component 'vbcomctl.ocx'or one of its dependenceies not correctly registerd a file is missing or is invalid" please help

not sure where to go from here

thanks in advace for any help

bummed out


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Hi James,

Keep trying to get those Oldtime Teams into your game. They are worth the effort. If you are trying to install the TEAMFUZZ 'TOTAL CLASSICS' ROSTER I don't think you need to use the Create-ATeam function of MVP Studio to do so. Just follow the instructions within the TEAMFUZZ 'TOTAL CLASSICS' ROSTER download. FuzZ took a great deal of time in writing those instructions.

If you are attempting to download and install some of the other Oldtime Teams found on this site like the " Classic Roster Set" by AlexTony and Capa, the "Early Sixties Roster Set V2" or several of the other available Oldtime Team downloads I don't believe You need to install them either with the Create-A-Team function of MVP Studio. Most of those should be installed independently of MVP Studio. However, once installed then you can use MVP Studio to change Team Names and the like. Let me know precisely what you are trying to do and with what are you trying to do it with and I will be more than happy to try and give you a hand here.

Take Care & Good Luck,


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hey jimmy i am having the same prob as you did ... ... the answer you got was from someone who didn't read your post... i manually installed but i can't get the uniforms to show ... did you figure out the ocx warning? i can't find the damn file anywhere.

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