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things i would like to see in the new game


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i want a better create a player, more stances, what would be badass would be create a stance, more stuff to unlock like more poeple more stadiums, better weather, daynight double headers, in create a ballpark you can do whatever you want to it, the lefty glich to be fixed, future stadiums, a tranning cource to teach you how to master hitting defence, and all the slide and dives and the wall climbs. i want it to be more like you are wacthing a game with stuff going on around you like planes subways etc. better A.I., and better feilding like when it was a slow roller up the middle and you were on the shortstop and it was more twords the 2nd basemen and he just stood there. Thats pretty much it so if anyone else has anything more just let me know.

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