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Mod for the ability to play with more than one team


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I posted this in the general area of the board as well. But maybe this is a more suitable area.

If NBA Live 2005 can be modded to allow for more than one user team in a dynasty, MVP Baseball must be able to as well.

I know this game came out in early 2004, and I haven't seen any mods for it, but still, there must be some way to list each team as being = ishuman, like in NBA Live.

I just got this game, and after downloading the stadium mods and those sweet overlays, I'm kinda bummed that I can only play with my user team. I was looking forward to playing different games of the week on ESPN and FOX and switching the overlays each time.

At the very least, can someone clue me in on what file would need the modding?


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No, I'm pretty sure it is possible in this game as well. Think about it. If you can mod just about everything else, why can't you mod a file to allow for playing with more than one team?

Whoever the top modder is needs to explain why it isn't possible. And if he says it's not, tell me the file where it shows which team is being controlled and I bet all you have to do is change all the teams to "is human".

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