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RFK Stadium mod?


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I believe someone said they would have to use Network Associates Coliseum to do it but here is some information if anybody could work on it:

Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium

Washington, D.C.

Capacity: 45,016 (1971)

Dimensions: 335ft. (LF); 385ft. (LCF); 410ft. (CF); 385ft. (RCF); 335ft. (RF) and 60ft to the backstop

Left-field fence is 7ft. tall with a wire screen.

More information can be found at Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RFK_Stadium

Image 1: rfkmain.jpg

I hope this helps, although it is probably unlikely for anybody to work on this since MVP 2005 is out soon.

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Yea Network Associates Coliseum is probably the closes resemblence to RFK Stadium, I'm not sure if someone is going to mod it though (TOO MUCH WORK) because there aren't really good pictures of the stadium (inside and out).

A bunch of images of RFK:








If I had the proper program to do it, I'd work on it myself, but sadly, I do not.

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