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Josh Fields lines a base hit to right


Bartolo Colon in a decent start gets Iwamoura to wiff

Stars Of the Game: 1. Jermaine Dye 2-4 2HR 2RBI

2. Jim Thome 2-4 RBI 2B HR

3. Paul Konerko 1-3 RBI HR

Ozzies view


How can a guy that ways 600 pounds (Colon) even last 10 pitches? His head is in his chin and his dick is in his thighs! Thome is on a roll and there is no doubt he breaks the record for single season homeruns. We're thinking about moving Dye for some pitching so Rios can get to his normal position. Beckham started the year in the MLB played 4 games was sent to AAA now he's going to get sent to AA to gain some power and back up again

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Carlos Quentin launches a deep double.


Jake Peavy after striking Carl Crawford out

Stars of the game: 1. Jake Peavy 7H 9IP 2ER 9K

2. Brian Anderson 1-4 2RBI HR

3. Jim Thome 1-4 RBI HR

Ozzies View


Peavy is a beast 3-0 and won't stop. Thome whatever homers every game. We brought up Contreras who I think will bring good expierience to the relievers and won't be too effective. He will pitch in long relief. What I'mwondering is how the hell did we hit 2 inside the parkers. Messed up stuff. Rios will miss tomorrow and probrobly the game after tomorrow. The battle between Fields and Crede is great. Crede has a great glove Fields has been the better hitter. I'm leaning towards Crede's experrience and hey by the end of the year Beckham might be starting. He'll be in AA for 3 more days.

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Buehrle inning ending K


1st hit of the game for the White Sox. The 3 hits for the Sox were all HR's

Stars of the game: 1. Carlos Quentin 1-3 HR RBI

2. Jim Thome 1-3 HR RBI

3. Jose Contreras 4 IP 3H 2R 11SO


Holy crap did you see Contreras he was an ANIMAL! Buehrle won't do that again he knows I don't hesistate to send him down. Beckham went 1-4 in his 1st game in AA. Fields almost screwed his chances over for the 3rd base job. 60-40 Crede. We have just called up Franklyn German from AAA he had a 0.00 ERA. He probrobly be sent down next week unless he does great of Dewayne Wise does terrible. Wise will be called up next week. Beckham is back to AAA in 2 days.

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Crawford takes a big hack and misses.


Brian Anderson throws his bat down in anger.

Stars of the game: 1. Carlos Quentin 3-5 5RBI 3HR

2. Joe Crede 3-4 RBI HR

3. Jose Contreras 5 IP 2H 4SO


This crappy starting pitching has to stop. It's terrible. Contreras was an animal once again while German has had better days bu still got the job done. Quentin was on fire and was 3 feet away from 4 homers. Alexi Ramirez and Sandoval both had triples! SANDOVAL! Crede has almost locked up the 3B job but Fields isn't done. Next series is against the 5-7 Baltimore but it's no gimmick. Beckham didn't play today and Dewayne Wise is 14 for 47 in AAA with 3 HR and 7 RBI.

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Farm system update: AAA Julian Torres is leading the tem in hits with 18 and a .360 AVG. Cody Scott leads the team in homers with 3 and is tied for the lead in RBI with 8. Rick Aaron has the team lead for triples with 2. John Van Benschoten leads the team in wins with 2 wins and 0 losses. Jake Milky has a 0.00 ERA in 10.1 IP. Adam Russel has the lead for K per 9 innings with 12.8.

AA: post-74335-1251295626_thumb.jpgGordan Beckham

Beckham is 3 for 8 in AA the leader for HR's is Wes Rolls with 2 and 8 RBI. Wally White is 2-0 with a 1.00 ERA.

A: Mark Windsor is 3-0 with a 2.45 ERA. Anstacio Guzman has 12 RBI and is leadin the team.

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John Danks gets an inning ending K striking out Brian Roberts.


Konerk hits a HR going back to back with Thome

Stars of the game: 1. John Danks 8 IP 7H 1ER 6K

2. Jermaine Dye 2-4 RBI HR

3. Jim Thome 1-4 HR RBI


Danks got a bunch of respect today. He's 3-0 and had one shaky start. He won't look back at that though. Thome and Konerko keep up the dingers and Quentin had an off game. Fields went 1-3 and had a strikeout. 75-25 Crede. Beckham is 0-2 in AAA and will play tomorrow. Rios will probrobly be out tomorrow and be back in the lineup the day after as a DH. I'm gonna sleep well tonight folks.

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Carlos Quentin not only can hit but can field


To no ones suprise Jim Thome hits an opposite field dinger.

Stars of the game: 1. Paul Konerko 3-5 RBI HR

2. Jermaine Dye 1-4 2RBI

3. Jim Thome 2-5 RBI HR


Colon needs to gain some confidence he pitched great the first to games but afterwords he came up to me and said "Either i'm getting worse or the leagues a ton better". I know he can be a 15 game winner. Rios will DH tomorrow while the slugger Thome gets a day off. Crede had a double today and raised his chances of getting the job. Gordan Beckham is 0-6 in AAA but I'm confident he will get some nice hits down there. Dewayne Wie now has 10 RBI and is 18-57 with a .315 AVG.

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Rios is thrown out trying to stretch a single into a double.


Peavy strikes out the first batter he faces.

Stars of the game: 1. Carlos Quentin 4-5 3R 5RBI 3HR

2. Paul Konerko 2RBI HR

3. Jermaine Dye 2-5 RBI HR


Peavy will never ever have a start like that again. He's pretty damn lucky he didn't get the loss there. German is pissing me off and there is no way he stays up here. After out next series he's gone. Peavy was hit by a ball but will make his next start. Contreras has a shoulder injury and is on the 15 day DL. D.J Corrasco is my Contreras for now. Rios had 1 hit and is still clearly injured. He will miss the next 2 days and then we'll gone by day. Beckham is 0-14 and will have by the end of our next series to get 4 hits or he's back in AA. Wise is 18-61 having an off day yesterday.

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Jermaine Dye hits a homer to tie the game at 1-1


Burlhie throws a strike to Bautista


Quentin shows he can field again

Stars of the game: 1. Pablo Sandoval 1-4 RBI GW HR

2. Jim Thome 3-4 2RBI 2HR

3. Alexi Ramirez 2-4 RBI HR


Burlhie's numbers were way better then they looked. My relief pitching was awful and Thome hit the useual two homers. Sandoval finally hit his first dinger of the year at the perfect time. Alexi Ramirez with 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth hit a homer to tie it up. Beckham is 0-14. He's pissing me off. Wise is 18-61 still. Rios will miss tomorrow and he's possible for the 3rd game of the series. Linebrink has pitched great all year. Crede is the official 3rd baseman but Fields will get more playing time then a normal backup.

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