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Figured Our Controller...important Important


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Please forgive me if this gets in the wrong place but ....my controller now works and the games very good. I WAS very disapointed being a big MVP baseball fan thinking I was left for dead and NO baseball to play. I've read almost every note on the game and the good and bad comments. Some were mine. But last night I decided that just because Plug & Play is there I assumed it worked. I was wrong. I've read about the driver updates and didn't listen. I was wrong. When I came home from work I went right for my Saitex install CD and installed. First I unplugged P880 controller. I ran set up and then downloaded the latest drivers and guess what. Now perhaps I'n not fully out of the woods yet but I believe I'm close.

SO everyone having trouble. Take a deep breathe, remove any thing about your joystick and do what I did. Please let me know if this works for you too. Please.


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