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What'S Happening?!


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Just wanted to take a second and give a shout some of the older members from the early 2000's.

It's been a while so let's see who I can remember;

Who can forget Trues? Y4L, always liked that cat. KC is always gonna be the best man ever! Sean O, smart dude; literally AND figuratively. LOL MarkB, dude's got a strong head on his shoulders.

I'm trying to remember who else ... I think his name was carter? He was mod when I was around. Another one who I never saw eye to eye with but always appreciated the banter. lol

What about Timay?? Is that looney toon still frequenting the board?! lol

If I can think of anyone else I'll drop em a shout later. Or I can figure how the hell the shoutbox works ... Gotta be something Mark B set up. lol

While I'm here; Trues or Y4L, any chance of me being able to use my old name? Bring back the memories? lol


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