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Have A Question About Uniforms


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i've downloaded kccitys 2004 uniform update and both corresponding updates afterward and they look fantastic in the game.the problem i'm having is the uniform pics wont show up in the uniform select screen.i read all the read me files and even tried fuzz's uniform tool but haven't had any success.i know it's probably something simple that ive overlooked or did improperly??i have every update that i wanted...rosters,stadiums,bats gloves and balls,so i'm ready to start a dynasty season but i'd like to be able to pic the appropriate uniform in the game.could someone try and give me some direction or instruction as to what i need to do or change.i did notice a load of fish files show up in my mvp data folder but did not want to move them although i'm pretty sure they are the pics of the uniforms??i did have one other question not pertaining to my problem.i really like all the work you guys have done here and appreciate your efforts and now that i'm a registered member i'd like to donate when i can but refuse to use paypal{an identity theft problem a year ago}so i'd like to make a direct donation from my account or even mail a check but not sure how or who to??any help with both issues would be greatly appreciated and keep up the good work!!!

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