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Making A Better Game?

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Over the years I have purchased many baseball PC games and they all seem to need patches and corrections to the game and things just never to see to work corectly. I bet everyone has had these issues. Since I only buy baseball and madden Football I;m not sure if other game shave issues, Madden I can say has been very good and has not needed patches that I know of. Since 2k can make the perfect game in one season why not do the following. Example: they release 2k9 with issue why not take the next year to make patches to fix and update the 2k9 game with current rosters and patches to fix all the problems with the game, instead of making 2k10. They could sell the update patch on line with new things added/ fixes/updated current roster and charge $20.00 for this, at least we would have a game that works great and is current. Then in 2011 release 2k11 and follow suit. This way thay have more time to develope and test and fix issues before they release it to the public. I can definatly live with that and the public would see better customer service and 2k trying to resolve issue and make their games better instead on pissing people off with games that don't work as advertized. I love a game that has been moded for the better.


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